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The Seerat.ca uses embedded fonts (or dynamic fonts) technology to display Punjabi characters on its Website. This technology is available with the following web browsers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5 or Higher

  • Netscape Communicator 4.75 to 4.79
    (Do not use Netscape  6.0 or higher as they do not support Dynamic Fonts)

If however you experience any difficulties in displaying or printing the embedded fonts, please download and install the following Punjabi fonts on your computer.


Step 1. Download the Punjabi Font (SEERAT.TTF). To download now, Click here to download font
Step 2. A Window Opens asking for "Open it from Current Location" or "Save to Disk" - Choose "Save to Disk" and press OK.
Step 3. Choose a location to save the file (SEERAT.TTF). And remember that.
Step 4. After the files get fully downloaded and extracted,
Step 5. Click on FILE>>INSTALL NEW FONT.
Step 6. Choose the location of the font file (SEERAT.TTF) where you stored it during download.

The font will now appear in the "List of Fonts"

Step 7. Select the Font SEERAT and press OK.
Step 8. Your Font File (SEERAT.TTF) has been installed now.

You will have normally no problem in viewing our pages once the font (SEERAT.TTF) is installed properly.


  • I downloaded the font but still do not see the Punjabi text.

    You may have to remove your System Cache and Internet files, Cookies etc.

    Follow these simple steps:

    - On your Internet Explorer, go to Tools>>Internet Options
    - Under Temporary Internet Files, Click on "Delete Cookies".
    - Once that is complete click on "Delete Files"
    - After this, click on "Clear History"
    - Press OK.

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